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About the HBA

The Hudson Basketball Association desires to promote participation and interest in the boy's and girl's basketball programs in grades K – 8 for youth living in the Hudson school district. Through constructive coaching and administration, we hope to improve the boy’s and girl's skills at all levels, to develop an awareness of themselves and their capabilities, and to promote a spirit of good sportsmanship.

Please use this site to get team and roster information, program overviews, applications, and registration forms.  We are also in the process of updating all coaching and basketball related materials. 

Please contact us if you have any questions, comments, or concerns at


2019 Hudson Raider BB Playoff Broadcast Schedule

Playoff time is here and plans are set to broadcast the upcoming Raider BB playoff games.  Playoffs are regulated by the WIAA which has a number of regulations, fees, and restrictions they impose on all playoff broadcasts.  All broadcast rights must be applied for and approved by the WIAA.  The rights fee to run a video broadcast is $250 per game in addition to the actual expense of producing the broadcast, including travel and lodging if required.  The projected cost of broadcasting the upcoming Girls sectional games this Friday, and potentially Saturday, would be in excess of $800 with all expenses including WIAA video fees.  This amount is in excess of what is financially feasible to do these broadcasts.  That being said, I feel it is very important to our team and fans that these games are in fact broadcast.  No local station in the Appleton/Kimberly area is picking up these games so any broadcast would have to come from Hudson.  As a compromise, and to make this happen within budget, I have contracted broadcasters in the Appleton area to do these games as a radio webcast for an agreed upon fee which I will pay for. By hiring broadcasters in the area that eliminates travel and lodging costs on my end.  In addition the WIAA fee for radio is $50/game not $250 for video so the savings for potentially 2 games is $400.  These changes make these broadcasts possible this weekend. 

The game will be available via audio streaming on as all broadcasts have been all season.  I understand some fans will be disappointed by not having video like we have had all year but unfortunately that is the reality of dealing with WIAA playoff fees and playing at a location that is a 500+ mile round trip from Hudson. 

Thank you and GO RAIDERS!!!!

Jon Wekkin

Hudson Broadcasting



2018-2019 WIAA Playoff Broadcast Schedule





  • Friday Feb 26th (WIAA Regional)
    • Girls @ Appleton North
  • Saturday Feb 27th (WIAA Regional)
    • Girls TBD
  • Friday March 1 (WIAA Regional)
    • Boys Home vs Superior
  • Saturday March 2 (WIAA Regional)
    • Boys TBD
  • Thursday March 7 (WIAA Sectional)
    • Boys Vs Appleton West 7pm - location TBD

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